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About : Dedicated to provide support, resources, education, recreation and advocacy for families impacted by Autism & Developmental Disorders.

7310 Madison , Forest Park, IL 60130
Phone: (708) 375-1119
Email: insurance@forestagency.com

Distance: 8.2 Miles

Recent Facebook Posts:
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  • http:\/\/abc7chicago.com\/news\/2-children-1-with-autism-among-dead-in-murder-suicide\/1359031\/.
  • If your child has a particularly short attention span or low tolerance for boredom, you may have to run through a whole string of these -- but finally, the time will pass. Play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Arm wrestle Thumb wrestle Push palms together to see who can push the hardest Stack hands one atop the other, pulling out the hand at the bottom and bringing it up top Stack fists, using same rules as above Stack arms, similarly Play with your child's hair Let your child play with your hair Draw a letter on your child's back with a finger and see if he or she can guess Draw a letter instead on your child's arm Have your child draw a letter on your arm or back, and you do the guessing Take off your shoe and have your child practice shoe-tying Take off your child's shoe and find a different way to lace it Take off your child's shoes and socks and use the socks as puppets Use your wristwatch to give a lesson in telling time Use your wristwatch to time things going on around you Let your child try on your wristwatch Let your child try on your jewelry Count by twos, threes, fives, tens Count backward from 100 Pick a number between one and 10 Teach the 9 times table trick Give a math equation for your child to figure mentally Give a string of math equations and ask for the answer at the end Make up math story problems Say words to spell Say words to rhyme with Play "I Spy" Try some tongue twisters Play "I Went to .
State Farm

643 S La Grange Rd, La Grange, IL 60525-6724
Phone: 708-354-1180
Distance: 3.0 Miles

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  • A community in Texas has found a cool way to show teens how impaired they really are if they\u2019re driving drunk or distracted \u2026 pedal carts! #GoodNeighbors #Drive 2N2.
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  • Even if you\u2019ve achieved the dream of running your own business, it\u2019s perfectly normal to also dream of retiring one day. Give me a call and we can talk about your business retirement plan options.
State Farm
About : Our mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams.

9738 Southwest Hwy, Oak Lawn, IL 60453-3615
Phone: 708-499-3330
Distance: 9.9 Miles

Recent Facebook Posts:
  • Could a day get much batter? Happy Waffle Day on March 25!.
  • Let\u2019s all celebrate freedom from injury this 4th of July. Please be careful with fireworks. #NationalSafetyMonth.
  • Remember, if you\u2019re applying for financial aid, FAFSA opened January 1.
State Farm

6247 W 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60638-5009
Phone: 773-586-0800
Fax: 773-435-6587
Distance: 7.9 Miles


240 E Lake St Ste 205, Addison, IL 60101
Phone: (630) 941-0566
Distance: 9.4 Miles

Liberty Mutual Independent

211 S MAIN ST, LOMBARD, IL 60148
Phone: 630-620-4800
Fax: 630-620-4805
Distance: 7.4 Miles


6000 W 79TH STREET, BURBANK, IL 60459
Phone: 708-237-3700
Fax: 708-237-3705
Distance: 8.9 Miles


905 W Hillgrove Ave Ste 4, La Grange, IL 60525
Phone: (708) 482-7200
Distance: 2.6 Miles

Nettleton Insurance Agency

211 E Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101
Distance: 9.2 Miles


1000 Jorie Blvd #10A , Oak Brook, IL 60523
Distance: 3.1 Miles

Thomas Koller

6400 Woodward Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: (630) 829-4999
Fax: (630) 960-3598
Distance: 5.7 Miles

State Farm

135 E North Ave Ste A, Northlake, IL 60164-2524
Phone: 708-344-7070
Fax: 708-344-7073
Distance: 7.5 Miles

Liberty Mutual Independent

815 Commerce Dr #240 , Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: (630) 468-5400
Distance: 3.5 Miles

Insurance Center

1937 W Howard Street, Chicago, IL 60626
Distance: 19.8 Miles

Joseph Kelly
State Farm

7405 W Archer Ave, Summit, IL 60501-1219
Phone: 708-458-0847
Distance: 6.3 Miles

Ken Nowicki Insurance Agency, Inc.

5738 Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
Distance: 8.9 Miles

Tony Burlinski

300 W Adams St Ste 406, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 855-0034
Fax: (312) 984-0941
Distance: 16.0 Miles

State Farm

4471 Lawn Ave Ste 203, Western Sprgs, IL 60558-1565
Phone: 708-505-3055
Fax: 708-294-1754
Distance: 1.5 Miles

Liberty Mutual Independent

Phone: (312) 332-6900
Fax: (312) 332-6977
Distance: 15.1 Miles

Finny Rajchel
State Farm

18W044 22nd St, Oakbrook Ter, IL 60181-4403
Phone: 630-932-0300
Distance: 4.1 Miles

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